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  • SG-Lock® supports Macromedia Director MX.
  • The new SG-Lock® API version 2.28 is available
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  How to install SG-Lock USB ?
Copy the file SGLW32.DLL into the system path ( e.g. C:\WINNT\SYSTEM32). Plug SG-Lock into a free USB-Connector. Ready!

Do I have to intialize SG-Lock with my customer number, before I can deliver it with my software?
No. SG-Lock is intializied with your customer number before it is send to you.

Do other users have access to my SG-Lock tokens?
No. Your first order (not demo-kit) will also contain an information sheet, that contains your unique authentication code. That code is like a password and protects your SG-Locks against access from others. All SG-Locks, that you order further on, will contain the same code.

What is the 128-bit encryption good for?
With the 128-bit encryption you can encrypt any kind of data. That can be files with confidential information on harddisk or data written into the SG-Lock memory. Just as well data, that have to be encrypted before transmitted via internet or stored on CD-ROM. The 128-bit encryption can also be used authentication for purposes.

For what do I need data signing?
The opportunity to sign data with SG-Lock is a versatile useable feature. Data written into the SG-Lock memory for example can addtionally be signed to clear detect attempts of manipulation. In the same matter can files on harddisk be signed and verfied.

Is the SG-Lock API secured in any way, e.g. against exchanging it with a DLL with the same name?
Yes. The SG-Lock API provides the protected application with an authentication function the opportunity to detect a faked API-library. Additionally recognizes the SG-Lock API itselfs unauthorized applications, which want to use the SG-Lock API and prevents the execution of functions of the API.

Is it possible to identify a certain unique SG-Lock token?
Yes. Every SG-Lock (not demo-kit) has a unique serial number, which can be read with the API.

Is the data in the SG-Lock memory secured in any way?
The data in the SG-Lock memory is encrypted. Every SG-Lock uses its own unique 128-bit key for en- and decrypting the data. In addition owns each memory its unique identification.

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